Automation Software for Your Shop Floor

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Your shop floor is where the heart of your operation is; it is where parts are made, processes performed, orders assembled, shipments packaged and shipped, and revenue generated. With this understanding, we developed PlantTalk:MES, a fully integrated Manufacturing Execution System for shop floors.

PlantTalk:MES is designed to control and direct the operations at the shop floor level, assisting the shop personnel in getting their jobs done accurately and efficiently. This can be achieved by focusing on a very specific area of your operation, or can be implemented across your entire plant floor or extended enterprise.

Benefits of Shop Floor Automation

Featured Modules


Your solution to shop floor automation

manufacturing execution system build automation


Your solution to automotive sequencing

manufacturing execution system shop floor sequence


Your solution to shop floor packing

shop floor packing manufacturing execution system

PlantTalk:PLC Connect

Your solution to shop floor monitoring

manufacturing execution system shop floor monitoring plc interface