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Your shop floor is where the heart of your operation is; it is where parts are made, processes performed, orders assembled, shipments packaged and shipped, and revenue generated. With this understanding, we developed PlantTalk:MES, a fully integrated Manufacturing Execution System for shop floors.

PlantTalk:MES is designed to control and direct the operations at the shop floor level, assisting the shop personnel in getting their jobs done accurately and efficiently. This can be achieved by focusing on a very specific area of your operation, or can be implemented across your entire plant floor or extended enterprise.

Benefits of Shop Floor Automation

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PlantTalk:MES system controls and manages build and traceability for the highly complex instrument panel assembly line process.

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Overview of software modules, features and functions of Datanational's Manufacturing Execution System

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Powered by Datanational

Datanational specializes in the design, development, implementation and support of complete Manufacturing Execution Systems for shop floors.
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CNG Assembly Process Automation

Our CNG Assembly Process Automation solution supports the typical assembly and installation process for a CNG & gasoline equipped vehicle.
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PlantTalk:MES Modules


PlantTalk:Receive is designed to streamline the receiving process for all parts and components coming in to be used in the manufacturing or assembly process.


PlantTalk:Build controls the entire manufacturing or assembly line build process. It provides intuitive operator instructions on touch-screen monitors and PLC/machine interfaces for data collection and validation.


PlantTalk:Sequence is an integrated and comprehensive solution for the automotive sequencing requirements. It supports simple and complex implementations.


PlantTalk:Pack is an automated, scan-enabled pack-off system. Its front-end functionality provides for part label printing on demand, based on PLC triggers, scanning or a touch-screen user interface.


PlantTalk:Ship is a great fit for cross-docking operations where parts need to be relabeled to the customer specifications and verified for shipment. Shipment data can be uploaded to the existing business system to generate any required EDI or standard shipment paperwork.


With PlantTalk:ContainerTrack, you gain visibility into the status of your shipped containers, relative to their normal turnaround times. You can then track down your missing containers more efficiently.

PlantTalk:PLC Connect

PlantTalk:PLC Connect collects production statistics and cycle times by interfacing directly with your machines and fixtures. It stores the metrics in a database for viewing and exporting to other systems for graphical representations.


PlantTalk:Inventory provides for a warehouse setup in the Plant/Aisle/Row/Tier format for warehouse put away.


Our CNG Assembly Process Automation solution supports the typical assembly and installation process for a CNG & gasoline equipped vehicle.

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